A year ago, I publicly challenged myself to write at least a blog a week for 2014.?2014 finished and?after counting things up I seem to have met the mark….barely. That said, if we include guest contributions and interviews in 2014 I had one of my better writing years since starting my business (which tends to monopolize a lot of my time).

In fact 2014 was very fruitful all around. I moved back to my business after being ‘on loan’ to the Vancouver Whitecaps for 2 years. The transition was difficult leaving a city as amazing as Vancouver but North Carolina is great and I really wanted to get back to Athletic Lab and all the great people I work with. Over the course of the year, I bought out the minority stake of my former business partner to become sole owner of the business, completed a complete renovation and upfit of Athletic Lab?so that it’s now a facility befitting our world class coaching staff and clientele, purchased a new home, purchased 2 cars?(including my first bimmer). I?lectured in 5 different?countries (US, Canada, Jamaica, Ireland, Korea), was?a regular contributor for Runner’s World and ESPN and an invited guest in Madrid of eventual Champion’s League winner’s Real Madrid. Needless to say?I had a great year and I’m grateful for everything that happened and everyone who was a part of it.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to top 2014 but I do plan to at least match my 2014 blog promise. Ideally, I’d actually like to kill it. I’m well aware that my blogging and speaking have lead to many opportunities that wouldn’t exist if I was a silent non-contributor to the field. Although I hit my promised benchmark in 2014, I’ll openly admit?that about a third of?my posts were ‘soft’….announcements of speaking engagements,?a YouTube or research paper find, or some motivational meme. In 2014 I put out the number and wanted to hit it at all costs and I did. In 2015, I’m going to make sure I have at least the same number?of posts?but ensure the quality is better.

Thanks again to all who were part of a successful 2014. Here are my 52+ posts from last year.

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