Happy Belated New Years. The past year was a slow year of writing for me and in the past months things came to a crawl on this site for me (although I had several popular posts on FitForFutbol.com and ELITETRACK.com in the last couple weeks). So for 2014, I’ve decided to commit myself to writing a meaningful post (my image or video only tumblr-esque posts on here won’t count) on one of my four sites at least once a week. I had originally thought of doing a post a day but I would be kidding myself to think I could do that. And if the past couple years are any indication, there may be periods of feast and famine where I might post multiple times in one week and then take a couple weeks off but I’m making my first ever New Year’s Resolution and I plan to stick to it. Since I’m already half way through the first week without a post I better get writing.