In the past 4 weeks:

  • I’ve been able to finally get and maintain my constantly overactive email inbox down to a manageable ~15 unanswered emails per day.
  • I’ve increased my blogging output on various sites.
  • I finally incorporated another company that covers my consulting, speaking engagements, and media.
  • I get?chauffered?everywhere…including to our practice field.
  • The slight leg strength discrepancy that I had a month ago has actually been reversed (weak leg is now the stronger leg).
  • I’m getting very good at single leg bounding on my left leg.
  • I’ve set new lifetime personal bests on practically every machine exercise at the gym where I train.
  • My understanding of foot anatomy has increased tremendously.
  • My triceps and shoulders are getting very strong.
  • My biceps have gone from pathetic to bad.
  • I’m more focused than ever to not forget things when I walk out of a room or leave home.
  • I have a new appreciation for the single legged balance and strength of flamingos.
  • I have done extensive research on supplementation for soft tissue and bone recovery.
  • I’ve increased my appreciation for wheelchair athletes.
  • I had accupuncture for the first time.

I also:

  • Had a very bad?Lisfranc Fracture Dislocation?(worst of the 3 pics above).
  • Went through 2 weeks of multiple x-rays and fluoroscopes before it was fully diagnosed.
  • I had a surgery where 6 screws were placed in my foot to realign 4 of my dislocated and fractured metatarsals.
  • I spent a couple days completely in bed because of a bad reaction to the morphine I was given.
  • I’ve been on crutches for 6 weeks and will be for at least another 4, then in a walking boot for a couple more.
  • My back is farked up and in spasm from all the crutching around.
  • I missed the second half of?the pre-season training for the MLS team I work for, Whitecaps FC, because I had to stay in Vancouver to have surgery rather than travel with the team.
  • In 3 months I’ll need to get the screws removed.

There are two lists. Both very different. I chose to focus on the first one because there’s nothing I can do about the latter one. The injury was bad. I scoured the web and found a couple people with 3 or 4 screws to repair a Lisfranc but none with 6. Many people never regain full function of their foot again and a good percentage of people never return to running after an injury as severe as mine.?That’s far from ideal for a fitness coach who needs to demo exercises and even participate in some of the training with his athletes. Not to mention an OCD fitness nut who enjoys getting in daily workouts. Thankfully I have a very good medical team and am uber-diligent about doing everything in my power to enhance the likelihood of a full recovery.?There aren’t too many things in life that are completely under your control. Fortunately, perspective and personal outlook are. You can choose to focus on the negative and things you can’t control. If you do I can promise you’ll be miserable. Or you can focus on the positives and those things you can control. Make the right choice.