2 weekends ago I went back to Athletic Lab, the training center I started 3 years ago,?for the first time in the 6 months since I left to become the fitness ?coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps. The trip was jam packed full of scheduled and unscheduled business. It was great seeing the growth of the company first hand. And watching the 4 people who were interns when I left lead classes as full fledged staff members. In fact, we had 5 new coaches at Athletic Lab who worked under me as interns or athletes before I left but who had never led a class while I was around and they now carry the brunt of our sessions at Athletic Lab. They had been trained well and there performances in my absence validated their hiring. It was like watching an egg hatch. I was around for just 4 days and I managed to fit in 5 days of meetings and training sessions, caught up with client-friends and met new members and gave a 3 hour presentation. It was like old-times.