So on a recent trip, I got off my airplane and went straight to the rental car agency as I always do to pick up my car. There was a long line at the agency I rented from (Dollar Rental for what it’s worth) that moved slowly. By the time I got to the counter, the boy band looking agent, repeatedly tried to up-sell the insurance policy despite me repeatedly telling him that the business credit card I used to secure the car has auto rental insurance coverage. Then he asked if I wanted to upgrade my small car to an SUV for an additional $10 / day. I declined and was given keys and a parking spot to pick up my car. When I arrived at the vehicle, it was the SUV that the guy tried to up-sell me on. I immediately went back in to tell them of the mistake…thinking that he had put me in the more expensive vehicle despite being asked not to be. What I found was even worse. He had tried to up-sell me on the SUV over the small car I had reserved even though it was all they had. Basically, he was trying to get me to pay for an optional upgrade when it was in fact all that they had left (and as such, was neither optional nor should incur a charge). Needless to say, I let the manager know and left. The agent had a choice to be honest and make less money or sell a lie to make a couple dollars…a shady attempt that’ll probably make me never choose that company again. With my business, as I’m sure with almost all, we have opportunities like this all the time??(to do the right or wrong thing). Don’t take the shady route. Not only will it eventually catch up to you and you’ll lose a customer…it’s the wrong thing to do.