When the physical location portion of my company opened almost 4 years ago, the only people working were my wife and I. Communication was quite easy. It occurred over dinner when I got home from a 12 hour day. 4 years on, 10 more employees, me and my wife having moved 2,500 miles away, and many administrative duties being doled out to others and communication isn’t as simple as meal time. Now we’re busy enough that some staff rarely see others other than staff meetings. And my wife and I haven’t been on location for several months. The way we used to do things clearly wouldn’t work now. That’s why we have several systems and protocols in place to facilitate communication. The system is continually evolving and no where near perfect but it’s working. With that, I’ll segway to a recent article I found about improving company communication for the better. Click here or the post title to read the article from Mashable.