One thing I’ve found extremely useful in hiring staff at Athletic Lab is our internship program. We started it out very informally. By demand from people looking to see what we do. It’s gradually morphed in to a fairly structured internship that has lead to several hires. In fact, every current staff member we have at Athletic Lab has done at 400s of hours of mentorship. In some cases some of this has come as athletes who’ve later been hired. In other cases, they come through our formalized internship program. Either way, the mentorship or internship program is essentially a long interview. One where you can get to know more out the work ethic and personality of the potential hires and they can learn your system so they integrate better when and if they’re hired. ?There’s no expectation of being hired and both you and the intern / mentored person get something out of the relationship. I can’t even imagine hiring on a resume and interview alone.