Today I woke up and headed out to my car for work and my street parked car was no where to be found. First thought..”crap, I’m going to be late for my meeting.” Second thought…”where the heck is my car?” Turns out it was towed for parking too close to the corner (BS if you ask me…I’d parked in the same spot for 3 weeks and people park like that all over my neighborhood). No warning. No wheel boot. Just towed away. At least it wasn’t stolen. So long story short, I ran the 5 miles to work / practice at the beautiful BC Place (what else should a Fitness coach do?) and then when practice was done I ran to the Vancouver impound to pick up my car. Needless to say, I wasn’t pleased about the whole thing…it cost me time (I missed my meeting) and money (ticket + towing cost) for something that I didn’t even know was an issue. But I wasn’t too upset. The run from my place to the stadium is beautiful and we had a great practice session. And when I arrived at the impound I felt even better. Sure, I didn’t want to have to give in to this obvious racket and pay the fine and towing charge but I looked at the people behind the desk at the impound and felt a lot better. That job can’t possibly be any fun. You deal with people who are upset at what your company did all day long. You take money from people who often times don’t have money to pay for these types of things. There’s very little rewarding about the job other than that you get paid. No one dreams of growing up to be a vehicle impound towing fee cashier. Contrast that to what I just finished doing at BC place…something I love, something I’m passionate about – helping elite athletes get faster, fitter, and pursue their dreams. Life’s too short to be a vehicle impound towing fee cashier. Do what you want and do it well.