For 15+ years I’ve been primarily a track and field coach who’s dabbled in the physical development of other elite athletes ranging from skeleton to dragon boat racing. But now, almost instantly, I’ve become a soccer fitness coach. Although track and field is the mother of all sports and the qualities needed (speed, explosiveness, stamina, etc) are present in all other sports, the nuances with soccer are very different.

In 2008, as someone with very limited playing experience with soccer, I was entrusted by the then-head coach of the Carolina Railhawks to become their fitness coach. At the time, it was a part time gig. In fact, they ?were one of many clients I had at Athletic Lab.?After two successful years (a conference and regular season championship) that coach was offered multiple MLS positions and brought me in tow to the highest bidder. So now, I’m working at close to the highest level of the biggest sport in the world. My first day of practice, I wore soccer boots for the first time in over 20 years. I sit in on all coaches meetings to learn soccer coaching terminology, player expectations and positional duties. I continue to absorb everything like a sponge. If successful, this will be my greatest reinvention to date. Far bigger than leaving collegiate coaching in 2005 to enter private business and open a training center.