Once word broke that I was leaving NC for Vancouver and now again since I’ve started updating this blog again, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about how I’m able to be with the Vancouver Whitecaps and still co-own and operate Athletic Lab 2,500 miles away; and why I’d even want to do it in the first place. Since I now spend the bulk of my time working in soccer, it’s only fitting that the best analogy I can give comes from the sport. Essentially, I’m on loan. The long term plan is to help in the continued growth of Athletic Lab, but taking a slight diversion to Vancouver is a great opportunity in many regards for my family and ?helps in the long term vision of the business. ?And as always, I’m ‘all in’ on the opportunity at hand. I’m learning daily and developing professionally…something I wasn’t ?able to do when I was working so many hours in NC. And I’m having a good time.