For 3 years I poured every ounce of my being in to my training center. All my relationships during that time period either stemmed from or had to tag on for the ride during that time period. It was grueling but I loved every moment of developing a business, my passion, from nothing. Taking huge risks and then putting the work in to make them come to fruition. 10 weeks ago?I left all of that in the hands of trusted friends and business partners as I moved to Vancouver to train the Whitecaps of the MLS. During this time period, I’ve been training others to do what I was doing, following up to make sure standards were being kept, and basically just nervously watching over ‘my baby.’ The entire goal was to make sure Athletic Lab could operate fine without me. And now it is. My first assistant at Athletic Lab recently reported the following in his latest email:

As of right now, I think things have made a full transition to a Mike-less Athletic Lab so there’s not a lot to report (which might be a good thing).

Just as a parent wants there child to one day become independent, they likewise fear the day when it might actually come. Here’s to growing up big and strong.