8 weeks ago, I moved to Vancouver. It’s my 7th move and 5th city I’ve lived in over the past 11 years (I’ve lived in Athens, OH three times during that time). That’s a lot of moving. Each time, I tell myself ‘never again’ only to find myself doing it again in a couple years. The last move (to Cary, NC) was supposed to be my last. I had chosen a place to start my business and planned to stay there for good. Even working like a dog, I was very happy there. I enjoyed the city, what I did, and the people I interacted with on a daily basis. Then an outstanding opportunity arose to go to Vancouver and put Athletic Lab in the hands of trusted individuals. After a lot of thought I took it. But even though the opportunity involved little risk it was still a tough one. I’d be leaving behind family (for a short bit), friends, and athletes. I’ve moved frequently enough to understand how hard it is for our Military families that are bounced around the world. You move just as you’re settling in. Boarding the plane to leave was extremely difficult. But remembering that the plan was to return and reflecting on a friend’s comment that “we’re building an incredible life story” made things a lot easier. So far I have few regrets and am enjoying the journey.