5 months ago I did something I never thought I’d do again….coach collegiately. I took a position at NCSU alongside running my business because it was a great place with a bright future that didn’t require me to give up anything with my business that I’d worked so hard for. Things were working out great and I was starting to really enjoy my limited role with the team. Then just 2 months later another change. This one bigger. More risky. I took a position as the Fitness Coach for the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS and I moved 2,500 miles and across the border to Canada leaving my burgeoning business behind (albeit in the hands of some great people). For a month I lived in a hotel by myself working my new job and managing the transition at my sport performance training center in Cary, NC from afar. Finally things have settled and I have time to reflect on the move and what is a personal reinvention. I’m not sure how long we’ll be in Vancouver as we’ve retained Athletic Lab and intend to return but the opportunity was great in every regards…the city is among the best places to live in the world, I had worked with much of the staff before and have a great relationship with the head coach, it would allow me to improve my work:life ratio (which was terrible before I left), and it would give me an opportunity to improve myself and open up new avenues of business. I’ve been here 8 weeks and finally started to settle from the move and transition to the new job. Looking forward to what the future holds and adding to a great life story.