Been a while but that means that lots has happened. Unfortunately, I only get the chance to blog when when I don’t have a 13 hour day and there haven’t been too many of those lately.

We moved my training center in to our new bigger and better location in Cary, NC and are loving it. The location is SOOO much better than our old one and we?ve already seen an uptick in business. We?ll need a couple more months of this growth to match the increased expense of our new location but in moving in to this new place I was willing to roll the proverbial dice a little bit with the goal of future proofing ourselves for future growth. On top of the new facility I?ve also got some new help. My long-term (but for the past 2.5 years silent) business partner has stepped back in to the fold and has moved to NC to help grow the business. So far the results have been great. He?s been able to help with all the little things I?ve been wanting to do for the past 16 months but haven?t had the time. He works more on the business side of things and has stepped right in to an administrative and client relations role which leaves me to focus more on training.