Dolly Parton ain’t got nothin’ on me. Well come to think of it she does have two pretty big things – a beautiful voice and a taste for country music…what did you think I was referring to?

For the past 3 months I’ve had at least two days a week where I’ve been starting my day at 5am (for a 5:45 training session at Athletic Lab) and not leaving the training center until 9 (or later). We’re open 7 days a week and most weeks and I’d guestimate that my weekly work hours are approaching and sometimes exceeding triple digits. I’m handling it ok but I don’t want it to stay like this forever. Thankfully my wife and daughter come in to the center several days a week so I’m able to see them even while I’m working (and my wife helps out!).

The business is at a place where it’s still beneficial for me to do almost everything myself. But things have been picking up pretty steadily. And at an increasing rate. If there’s such a thing as a tipping point for a business I think we’re quickly approaching it.

All this is giving me reason to consider if the next step for the business is to hire someone to help. I have some great assistants now who are all either working in an intern capacity or sweat-equity barter in exchange for training at Athletic Lab. And we get at least 20 unsolicited applications for employement or internship every month. This is a luxury of a growing business in a still sinking economy.

So the time is coming. It will surely be an expense that may take a month or more to pay off but at our current rate of growth it’s likely an investment in future growth that needs to be made. Not only that but it will afford me some more time to spend working on my business rather than mostly in it and will allow me to have more than a free day or two each month. It’s a nice crossroads to be at.