Today is tax day.? Since 1955, April 15th has been the day that all working Americans need to file their tax returns. Yet for the second straight year I’ve had to file for an extension. And I’m not alone. Thousands of Americans do the same thing. And millions more don’t get there tax returns in the mail until the final day. It’s not like the date is a surprise or anything or there isn’t sufficient time to get things done. Yet many Americans fail to get it done any sooner than they have to. And many others need more than the allotted time. Are we procrastinating? Many probably are. Most in fact. My wife ribs me about waiting til the last second for almost everything. I don’t for a second consider myself a procrastinator though. I think that in many people’s cases, including my own, we are not someone who waits until the last second to get something done. We are actually someone who does things the first available second they have to get it done…just something to think about the next time you call someone a procrastinator.