…than to be in Carolina.
I just returned from teaching at another USATF coaching education school. This one was in Brooklyn, NY. NY is the state where I was born and I?ve spent about 2/3rds of my life there in several cities around the state. Having recently moved to the Triangle region of NC (via a 10 month stay in Ohio), my visit back to NY really gave me a deeper appreciation for where I am today. In NC, the weather?s nicer, people are friendly and the dollar goes a heck of a lot further. While nothing can match the energy of a city like New York, I?m at a point where the quality of my life isn?t dictated by the fact that I can get anything or do anything I want at all times of the day and night. I?m loving it where I am NC. It seems to have everything i?d want from the North and everything I?d want from the South with nothing I don?t want from either.

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