So 2 weeks ago my lease agreement was finally executed by all three necessary parties which meant it was only a matter of time before we’d be able to move my company in to our new business home. We were supposed to have already moved in on July 1 but the current tenant (the group we’re actually subleasing from) needed more time to vacate and didn’t have a hard date on when they’d be able to leave. That was good in that it reduces the initial cost of the first month (security + 1st month’s rent or in this case 1st month’s pro-rated rent) but bad in that I was getting desperate to move in because there was so much to do before we could even consider opening for business. Compounding that problem is that my business partner who still lives in SoCal had scheduled a trip out to the triangle to help me move in thinking that we’d already be in by this week. With his visit pending, and not wanting to waste his expense and the opportunity to have another helping hand, I spent the bulk of last week scrambling to ensure we would at least be able to move in on Saturday. This meant several meetings and making sure we had insurance that we didn’t know that would be required. Because of the special nature of the business, underwriting for this type of insurance can be a little difficult and more laborious. I started applying and filling out forms for several providers on Tuesday and didn’t get confirmation of a policy until 6:30 pm on Friday…just 5 minutes prior to my business partner arriving at RDU. If it hadn’t been for this saving grace, hail Mary policy, we wouldn’t have been given the keys to the property on Saturday and his trip out here would have been wasted. Thank God for the fact that our insurer was on the West Coast (and still finishing up the business day) otherwise I’m not sure what would have happened. Over the next couple posts I’ll try to cover a brief synopsis of what we did over the weekend and what my wife and I are doing now that he’s left to prepare for opening day.