Due to my move, setting up my business, finishing my doctoral dissertation and leaving my collegiate coaching position, most of my coaching for the last 8 months has been done via correspondence or short training camps. But now that things are starting to settle, I’ve returned to more hands on coaching of athletes. While most of these athletes have sought out my services I am also working with a semi-random group of athletes that are a part of a club that I just happen to work with. Working with these athletes has put me in front of the type of athlete I haven’t dealt with in years….those that don’t listen. They could be mediocre (or worse) at what they’re doing and still pursue it as if they’ve got all the answers. They don’t necessarily act rude about it but it’s quite obvious that they think they know better and don’t need help. In essence, they are resistant of change. They’re expecting to suddenly get better or make a break through despite doing the same things that have clearly not worked for them in the past. We all know people like this and I’ve learned that it’s best to let them lead their own march to failure (and hopefully learn from their mistake) rather than to waste your time trying to convince them otherwise.

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