Sorry it’s been a while. Infrequent blog posting on my part means that I’ve been overwhelmed with work. The good part is that it looks like things are all finally starting to fall in to place with HPC. I found a great facility that’s actually two to three times as large as I was originally looking for and it will accomodate sport science

research, athlete training, offices, and storage of the training equipment and goods that I’ll be selling as a separate but related venture. Speaking of which, all our equipment is now within 100 miles of us and we just need to clear things with our customs broker and get everything from a port in Wilmington, NC to our storage in the triangle before we can move in to the training facility. We should be signing the lease any day now. I’ve been saying that for about 2 weeks but there were quite a few errors in the lease that needed changed and it’s held things up a little bit. In any case, I can finally see the end of having a homeless business and if all goes to plan we’ll be moving in on July 1. While dealing with customs brokers, shipping agents, property attorneys, and real estate agents I’ve also started taking on some clients. While I don’t have a facility, I’ve just been training at local high school tracks with the aim of generating some relationships that will allow me to ‘hit the ground running’ when we open our doors. I’ve also been doing a lot of web work lately. First, to bring my 2 main sites (ELITETRACK and HPC company site) closer to W3C validation standards; and 2nd to create the new ecommerce site where I’ll be selling DVDs, Books, and fitness and training equipment like squat stands, bumper plates, olympic bars, kettlebells, and glute-ham developer machines. The idea of this venture and the accompanying ecommerce site will not be to compete with the mega giants of the industry that seem to pride themselves on carrying every crapgadget and training gimmick under the sun; but instead, to provide super high quality versions of the products that are essential to well trained coaches and athletes…and provide them at unbeatable prices. Sorry for the rambling post but I wanted to give a quick update while I had a moment.