Almost 5 years ago I had a client who eventually became an intern for my company. In the process he became a friend. He eventually followed me to LSU to pursue his college education. That was four years ago. He arrived on campus around the same time I left campus to take a job at the United States Military Academy at West Point. At the time I left he was an incoming freshman with big hopes of following in my footsteps and I was an ABD doctoral candidate and young coach who mistakenly thought that it would be easy to finish my dissertation while coaching D1 track and building my company. Over the previous 4 years we’d stayed in touch and crossed paths on a couple occasions. This past weekend we graduated together. He with a double major BS degree and heading to Yale for graduate studies and me with a long-overdue PhD and preparing to open doors on my business’s first real center. We met for dinner the night before graduation and in an odd twist of fate I was actually seated directly in front of him during the ceremony. It’s funny how cyclic life can be sometimes.