My last blog post was about how things seem to go in cycles. Well today, I had another experience of this happening. 4 months ago I moved to Cary, NC from NY (by way of a short stop in OH) with the idea that I’d be moving in to what is at the time a mega fitness facility to manage their rebranding from a failing fitness center to a high-level sport performance center. After an unexpected change of operational control of the facility that put me in a holding pattern for a long time and then seemingly nixed the entire collaboration went through I started to look to go out on my own. It had always been my original plan to open up my own stand-alone location but when the proposal for collaboration came from the mega facility four months ago it seemed like a great opportunity and I jumped at it. So when the collaboration seemingly fell through it didn’t bother me so much as knowing it had wasted my time. Well this morning, I actually had a meeting with the new management team and a potential collaboration might still be in the works. Same meetings, same location, different people. Funny how that works.

I’m not sure how this will play out and I’m moving much more cautiously this time so I don’t end up holding out for promises that will never come to fruition. The one thing I do know for certain is that I’ll be in a place come hell or high water by the middle of June. My equipment has started coming in so the only thing holding me back now is an actual physical address. I work well when dealing with deadlines and this self-imposed mid June deadline should be no different.