So to continue where I left off yesterday, much has happened in the last month or so. First the Impact facility opportunity fell through due to a complete staff overhaul from the ground up. Then things quickly picked up as the very people who had brought me in to that deal (only to later be laid off) partnered with me and we made a whirl wind tour of every possible option in the triangle area….leasing our own facility, having one built from scratch, or moving in to an existing sport or fitness facility. All scenarios had strengths and weaknesses but one particular opportunity clearly came to the fore. We had several meetings with another huge sports complex (to go unnamed by request) in the area and the owner was VERY interested in what we were trying to do. He has a pre-existing business operating that would be very complimentary to what I am already doing and that would benefit from a high-profile, high-end training center. The problem was that the facility that he owned was already spoken for….leased out for several years. The current leaseholder wasn’t interested in giving up space (we’d asked for 10k sqft) and losing what he had developed over the past couple years so it looked like it wasn’t going to work. Instead, it seems that it may work out better than any other possibility as the owner is so interested in what we have to offer that he is researching building a new neighboring facility from the ground up to house my training center along with some complimentary medical groups (massage, ART, chiro, orthos, etc). This means that it can be ‘built to order’ and made just how I like it. The drawback is that it will take some time to build and get the medical groups at the table. The estimated time that I’ve been given is 6-9 months. I would love for it to be that short but realistically, it’s probably more like 9-18 months. So in the meantime, I know I can’t sit around doing nothing in the HOPE that it panned out. I knew I needed to find a temporary facility which is another story altogether. Ont that I’ll discuss tomorrow.