Conspicuously absent from my last mega update post was any new news on opening my training facility. The reason for that is that there is no update. In fact, things are exactly the same as they were 2-3 weeks ago. I’ve actually been through enough of these things to realize that I tend to be fatally optimistic on time lines and it’s always best to expect about two to three times as long as you think you should be. So the update is basically this- the group at Impact training facility is undertaking a massive restructuring. They have already agreed to the first step which keeps me in the hunt for their facility. The second step is final decision making about outsourcing services and facility remodeling, and so far no decisions have been made. My contact has kept me in the loop on most things and just asked that I be patient. I’ve surprised myself at how patient I’ve been able to be. I’m still very optimistic that things will work out at Impact but if not I have other avenues to pursue for a facility, including the original plan of working together with my baseball colleague. All in all, while I’d like to have known by now, I’m looking at this as a ‘no news is good news’ situation.