Sorry for the delay. I had a lot going on. The good news is that gives me a lot to update on. Too much, in fact. So I’m gonna try to summarize the past couple weeks as best I can.

The 2 biggest things that have happened over the past 2 weeks is that I passed my dissertation defense with flying colors and moved my wife and daughter from OH (where we had been living for the past 6 months) to Cary, NC (where I moved about a month ago). I actually did both in a 3 day stretch. The dissertation defense went great. I had been unusually nervous before it but it didn’t seem to be fully warranted and my committee approved my dissertation with very few edits. The move to Cary went equally well. My brother-in-law and my in-laws helped with the move and it was relatively easy. 5 days after the boxes were unloaded in to our apartment and we’ve almost got everything in its place. Good thing too, since we’re having an athlete I work with spend the weekend here.

While those 2 things have been the center of my work-related universe over the past 3 weeks I’ve also had some other exciting things happen:

  • I was able to relocate my track club from the Metropolitan association of USATF to the NC association and change the affiliation of all of our athletes competing at the USATF indoor national championships? so that we’d be properly represented. This process isn’t as easy as it might sound.
  • I purchased new uniforms for all members of the club and got them embroidered and screen printed…a laborious task that took far more shopping than I’d thought.
  • The members of the track club have been doing great – with 3 top 8 placings at this past weekend’s USATF indoor national championships; as well as great winning performances from the two international members of the team.
  • I was invited to speak at the Beijing Sports University for a week in May. I’ve never been to China and really was hoping to be there in 2008 to do video analysis for the U.S. at the Olympics so this will be a great ‘consolation’ prize.
  • Immediately prior to that week trip to Beijing, I’ve been asked to do an exciting USATF Level 1 school in Orlando, FL. Teaching coaches education schools is one of my passions and I’m excited that I’ll be able to meet up with my good friend Ron Grigg.
  • I rented and took possession of a storage facility that I plan to use to house a soon-to-be-released line of incredible bumper plates and Olympic weight lifting bars. In addition to using them in my training facility, I’m also going to be the East coast distributor for the manufacturer.
  • Thanks to some well-connected friends, Smoot Carter & Paul Dietzel, I had great meetings with the Executive VP of Alumni Affairs at LSU and also the new LSU Athletic Director while I was in Baton Rouge. I see both as being potential partners in future business endeavors.
  • I’ll be coaching a friend’s athlete this weekend at the USATF indoor multi-event national championships which are held only 10 miles away from me in Chapel Hill, NC. I’ve met him once before and know his coach quite well. Our coaching cues and philosophies are quite similar. He should be a solid contender and hopefully I’ll be able to help him. He’ll be repping my HPC Elite track club for the competition.