As I’ve mentioned in the past couple days, I’ve moved to Cary, NC to pursue my business full time. One of the things I need to take the next step however is a facility. Up til this point HPC has been largely run without a facility. We’ve had an office in Cali, and some agreements with several universities to allow us to use their athletic facilities but we’ve never had a centralized training facility to call our own. Having no facility was largely a by-product of none of the partners in HPC working on the company full-time, and thus not being able to generate the revenue to justify it. Also, a very large chunk of our revenue comes from services that do not require a facility at all. For instance, our sport science consultation with National Governing Bodies doesn’t require us to have a facility at all. In fact, it’s completely unnecessary for this service. Not having a facility has brought limitations though. One, it makes it hard to train athletes with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.  Second, it has the potential to cost us clients who are fooled by the fancy equipment smoke screens that other businesses in the athletic performance field use to cover up their incompetencies. With the move to NC I’m hoping to put an end to these issues. I’m pretty close to finalizing a great opportunity at a HUGE facility that is very nice. With that said, I was by no means expecting this and I really don’t NEED anything fancy. In fact, before this recent opportunity presented itself only a week ago today, I had kind of thought that it would be nice to start with a plain warehouse, forgo any semblance of style and flash and make up for it with substance and the best, most comprehensive approach to training possible. This may still be the route we go but even if it is there are still some minimum facility standards though. I NEED at least 1000 sqft of training space, some minimal office space, high ceilings, an open floor plan, a bathroom, and a building structure and / or neighbors that permit me to have athletes dropping heavy weights on a regular basis.

I’d like to have more space (~3,000 to 5,000 sqft), enough area to set up a short straightaway for running, 3-5 office spaces, room for a movement analysis lab (probably about 1,000 sqft), locker and shower rooms for both genders, medical areas where therapy could be performed, and enough room outside that we could do training on a grass field when we wanted. Right now I’ve got several plans in place that encompass both ends of this spectrum. Obviously I’d prefer the bigger and better place, especially if the terms are right; but I’m not above moving in to a warehouse and just getting things done. I’m ready to roll.