Yesterday I had my second meeting with the GM of Impact Athletic Center. It went extremely well. Today I signed a lease for my apartment and moved in. I’ve even gotten half way through changing all my billing and contact info to my new address. What does this all mean? It means I’m ‘all in’ as they say in Poker. I’m fully committed. There’s no turning back. Any more cliches I can use? There are still some uncertainties as a deal with Impact is pending the results of a meeting with some investors today. They want me to commit to a long term partnership that rebrands the facility as a center of athletic excellence rather than just a fitness center. The general terms of the agreement have been laid out though and we really just need to get it on paper and then put a pen to that paper. I’ve been close to landing what I thought were major deals before from venture capitalist investors, shoe company sponsorships, and the like…but every time they’ve seemed to fall through. Sometimes because I cut it off to preserve the integrity of my vision for the company, other times because they cut it off, and more recently because of the failing economy. The lesson I’ve learned is not to count my chickens until they’re hatched. This one feels different though. It’s close. Very close. In fact, I’ve been told HPC could be in within a week. I’m ready for it and extremely excited.
I’m also planning for the worst though. If it doesn’t pan out for some reason, then I’ve got a plan B and C (the current deal with Impact is actually a plan B that turned in to a plan A). If need be I may sublease a portion of the warehouse that was the original plan. Or maybe, just lease a small warehouse and build from the ground up.

Whatever the case, I’m ready for it. I’ve had over a year to mentally prepare for this to happen and I’m willing to take whatever calculated risk is necessary to make it happen.