2 days ago I took another trip to Raleigh. The goal was to check out some plan B options in the event that my original partnership didn’t work out and find a place to live so I could fully relocate. Yesterday morning I had a meeting with the general manager of Impact Athletic & Fitness Center in Cary, NC. The meeting went great. The company is mainly a health club right now but wants to really get in to sports performance. They have the facility to do it: 70,000 sqft in total, a full gymnastics arena (where they also pole vault), a basketball court, small soccer field, 2 weight rooms, a spinning room, pool, and much more. I contacted the company 3 days ago thinking that they may have some space to lease. The general manager contacted me back pretty quickly and we set up a meeting. It seems that HPC may be able to fill there needs of running a high level athletic development center. We’re in the process of brainstorming possible ways to make this work…possibly leasing a small portion of the facility, possibly a lease with some profit sharing, or maybe a complete collaboration. They are open to anything and are ready to act fast. I’d like to get rocking and rolling pretty quick and we may be able to get something knocked out in 1-2 weeks. I also had the chance to look at 4 apartments. 3 of them were pretty nice. I’m checking out 4 more tomorrow. These ones will be a little closer to the Impact facility and actually still equally close should I end up working out of the facility in Apex.