You may have noticed that one thing that was conspicuously absent from my update yesterday was any mention of my upcoming relocation to the Triangle area of NC. The reason there wasn’t an update was because I’ve been placed in a holding pattern. The building that I was going to lease is apparently being sold which makes any leasing agreements impossible. In fact, it potentially puts the use of that building in question because it really is (was?) an UNBELIEVABLE bargain. In 2 years of looking at facilities, this one was by far the cheapest I had seen for the size (3,000 sqft). And I know if I just purchased the building I’d probably be looking to get much more in monthly payments out of it than what the current owner is getting. Sooooo, right now I’m just waiting to hear what the plan is with this facility: whether it’s being sold; and if so, what the plans of the new owner are.