One of my tools for getting things done is keeping what amounts to an online version of a whiteboard and making sure I add tasks to the whiteboard as they arise and then check them off when I’ve finished the task. Adding them helps me remember what I need to do…something which isn’t easy if you have difficulty focusing like I do. Checking them off gives you a little ‘reward’ for getting things done and makes it easier to track how much and what you’re doing. To this end, I’ve found it’s even beneficial to sub-divide major tasks in to parts. This is because the mere act of checking things off the list is kinda therapeutic and a good motivator to keep knocking things out. The web tool I use web 2.0 is a site called Gubb. There are tons of options out there and I played with many of them but this one was definitely the best for me. It allows me to handle my daily tasks and categorize them in to different areas. The workflow is SUPER simple and really easy to use….kinda like a whiteboard with benefits (you can share lists, access them remotely, have Gubb text them to you when you’re away, etc). I’d played around with plenty of other GTD tools but in the end my ADHD brain found the work flow too complicated. To ensure that I get things done on a daily basis and don’t leave anything lagging too far behind, I’ve come up with a rule of 10. Each day, I make sure that I get AT LEAST 10 things checked off my various lists. Some days this can be relatively easy and I might get 15-20 things done if the tasks I do don’t take much time. In general though, things balance out. And on average it ensures I get quite a bit done every day. Setting my objective at 10 tasks also sets a very realistic and readily attainable goal for the day. Setting expectations too high always leads to decreased productivity because it inevitably leads to the dreaded ‘where do I start’ syndrome. If you’ve got a lot on your plate and need to manage your daily todos, try out Gubb and use the rule of 10 (or whatever arbitrary number you see fit). If it helps let me know.