I’m getting antsy. I’ve finished my dissertation writing and have 1 month before my defense. Since I don’t have a ‘formal job’ to go to on a daily basis and I spend my days managing products orders, writing articles & blogs, consulting, and providing training services….I’m getting impatient to move in to the next phase of my business transition. That being, open up a physical address and start training people hands on, on a daily basis again. I’m still waiting to hear about the outcome of the facility in Apex and my eagerness to get going is leading me to think I might just move down to the Apex/Cary/Raleigh area next week. I’ve got an apartment deal already set up from when I was down there a couple weeks back and by moving there I’d at least be able to begin pounding the pavement to make connections, move in to an apartment, incorporate in NC (oddly, I’m currently incorporated in CA), and potentially start making equipment orders for the facility. I haven’t been able to do the last 2 things because I don’t have a physical address in NC. I might even be able to start taking on some clients if I am able to train people at local parks, tracks, or even globo-gym fitness centers. My wife and daughter would likely stay in OH for a while until I get settled. Then I’d go back and drive down with them and all our stuff (which I’d probably leave in OH if I go to NC next week).