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Tomorrow morning I’m off to Apex, NC to check out a facility. I already have a general idea of what it looks like inside and what I can do with it but it hasn’t stopped me from doing a lot of day dreaming about what I want to do with my fairly limited startup budget. Space won’t be an issue. I believe it’s 10,000 sqft with the option to expand to 20k sqft. I couldn’t fill that with equipment if I wanted to. Right now I’m thinking about getting 4 full Olympic bumper sets, 4 power cages, and 4 sets of steel weight sets. I keep running through all the logistics and possible arrangements and combinations for equipment. It’s like I was 10 years old all over again assembling something new with legos. I could do without as many racks but I think that’s what people first look at. And while I’m certainly not aiming to have the wow factor of a health club, my intentional design is spartan as it is so there has to be something to attract clients who might immediately dismiss a place that doesn’t have a setup for bench pressing. In my next couple posts I’ll try to cover my equipment buying decisions and thought process.

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