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Well, as I posted on the blog about a month ago I pretty much finished my dissertation. I was originally planning on defending during the last week of the semester (last week) but a variety of factors conspired against me – my advisor was in China and quite busy, I couldn’t afford the plane tickets to get him round trip to America and back, I had a stats issue that needed some clearing up, and oh yeah, my dog ate my homework. So while I could have finished up, my advisor and I decided it would be best for all parties to just defend the dissertation next semester. The only holdup is that this would require an extension on the statute of limitations on my doctoral degree. No problem we thought. Well, I waited weeks to hear back and the semester actually came to a close last Friday with no news from LSU. I was uncharacteristically worried that I wasn’t going to get a chance to defend (at least at LSU…I would have just enrolled elsewhere).? In the meantime, the waiting kinda put everything concerning my dissertation on hold. I didn’t get any drafts back from my advisor which in turn meant that I didn’t really have anything to work on and I had basically just spent the last month doing (instead of being) ABD.? The fatally optimistic side of me pushed me on to continue on with the plans of moving and setting up a facility though. Today I received word from LSU that the extension had been….

[tune in tomorrow for answers to this and other cliffhangers]