Long time since my last post. Been very busy writing my dissertation as well as making some changes to ELITETRACK and totally redoing the store and services section of the HPC site. I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of web work lately on my various sites. With the HPC site the changes were business motivated. Our store is getting enough business now where I thought it would be worthwhile to improve the shopping environment and make the site more secure. It took quite a bit of meddling but I think I’m done now. It took quite a bit of time and diverted me from some other things that I like but don’t need to do (i.e. blogging). All that to say, that as a small business owner, I often find myself having to wear many hats- web developer, marketer, coach, sport technologist, researcher, salesman, etc. Because I’m just trying to get this business up and running I don’t have the means to pay others to do things that might otherwise be delegated to specialists. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it definitely places a high demand on time management and prioritization of tasks. I’ve found that becoming competent at a variety of tasks can save a lot of money but cost you a lot of time. It then becomes a question of prioritizing tasks so that you can figure out what you’d be better off outsourcing and what you should handle yourself.