A couple days ago we released the new DVD set from the clinic that my company put on at the 2008 Olympic Trials. The speakers and the information from this clinic were top notch so I’m glad to get this out on DVD. And while I actually haven’t had the time to watch all 8 hours of presentations on DVD I know from watching it live that the talks were very good. So far sales of the DVD have been quite good also. This alone added 9 new DVDs to our store making us a little more well-rounded and bringing us up to 20 products in total. I’m looking for ways to keep this number growing as it’s a good stream of relatively passive income. There’s quite a bit of up-front work but after organization, editing, etc are done then you can just sit back on the products and let them sell. As I’ve mentioned before this will be critical to the first year of taking my business full-time because it provides a somewhat steady stream of income to support any highs and lows in client, consulting, and speaking engagement income. With that said, take a look at the topic talks and if you like what you see buy a copy today. You can use coupon code elitetrack until December 23rd for a 10% discount.