Yesterday was a great day, personally and professionally. I spent the morning playing with my daughter while I waited for videos to upload, rip, convert, etc for use on the web. Then in the afternoon, I got an email granting my dissertation extension request, and finally I had a major conference call with a supplement company that we’re about to collaborate with. This company is very like minded with HPC and has already established themselves as leaders in the field of sport nutrition. This is exciting not just because we’ll be able to provide supplements to our HPC Elite team athletes but also for the collaborative marketing and comprehensive athletic development plans that it looks like we’re going to be doing together. I can’t say too much at this point but this is one of the bigger steps that we’ll take as a company if things pan out as we all discussed yesterday. We have another call today with the company to mull over what was discussed yesterday and see if anyone has any new ideas to bring to the table. They are ready to move on this and so are we. Giddyup!

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