Lost (season 1)

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Killed it. Over the past week, that’s what I did. I finally found the focus that had been alluding me. I’m really get at getting things done, just not always the most pressing things. The past 2 weeks have been different though. Last week was especially good. I finished Chapter 3 of my dissertation, finished the literature review for my dissertation, finally got out the remaining videos from the Olympic trials that need to be digitized, finished up a couple photo shoots for some pictures for a pole vault book I’m helping out with, finished the usual week’s worth of training plans for clients and HPC Elite team members, and started progress on a new ecommerce shop for the company store.

The MOST impressive part about this though is that I did it all while getting totally and completely addicted to LOST (the tv show). I had been told for some time that I would really like it but 1) I’m not really one to watch much tv and 2) after season 1, then season 2, then 3 and 4 passed me by I didn’t want to try to come in in the middle of what I had heard was a deeply sequential story. Last Saturday, for some odd reason, I happened to be on the iTunes store looking for some NPR podcasts to download so that I could listen to something on my weekly Sat-Sun trip to my wife’s family farm (where there’s no internet, cell phone reception, and I stay up late as usual to do work). While there I found a purchased Lost season 1.

Well over the course of a week, I’ve now watched all of season 1, and half of season 2 and I would be in denial if I said I wasn’t thoroughly addicted. The odd thing is that what would seemingly be a diversion has matched up with one of my most productive weeks in the last couple years. I’ve got 2 and a half seasons left to watch before I’m ‘caught up’….hopefully I can continue this stretch of focus for the remainder.

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