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Just a quick word on last week’s election- I’m happy Obama won. It feels good. I liked the McCain of 12 months ago but not what he had become over the last couple months. Don’t get me wrong….I’m not Barrack fanatic or anything but I think that he represents something much bigger than himself. He’s become an icon of sorts. I’m not just talking about race (although that certainly is an important part of it). I’m mainly talking about a change from what has brought us to our current low in American international standing, finances and politics; a sense of hope that can be seen across almost the entire country; and a renewed feeling of pride in what it is to be an American. Hopefully for our and his sakes he can live up to the grand expectations that have already been placed on him. I’m sure it’s only normal if he looked out over the tens of thousands of people at his acceptance speech all crying, hollering, and cheering his name to think ‘Oh Dead God….can I possibly live up to the expectations?”

Only time will tell. One thing I do know is that an Obama presidency is definitely the better one for a small business owner like myself. And while that was not the first thing I put on my list when I cast my vote, it certainly is refreshing that even if he does nothing of substance about the economy, his win seems to have given much of the American public hope that dreams can come true and that things are on the mend. This is something that can’t be discounted because after all, perception is often reality.