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Had a great week. Got a lot of things done. Not as much dissertation writing as I would have liked but a lot of other “nearly as important” things. On top of that, this week has brought some interesting opportunities that should be unfold in the next month or so.

The first one came about as a result of a random email I received a while back. I get a lot of those. This one however was from a former attendee of the baseball clinic that my company put on in 2006 out in California. The guy is from around the Raleigh, NC area and has just started a performance training center that focuses on baseball. I remembered him from the clinic and I respect what he’s doing. He was looking for a person to replace his speed and strength coach who left for another job. Well, long story short is that Raleigh is one of the 6 cities on my short-list of places to set up shop with HPC when I’m done with my dissertation so I wrote him back interested in seeing if we could perhaps work together in some manner. We’d been playing phone tag for about 2 weeks but finally managed to talk this week. At the very least we will be working together on some collaborative projects and it looks like we may very well partner to work out of Raleigh. I’ll be taking a visit there in the next couple weeks to check out the scene and see if it meets what I’m looking for in a business location.

The second opportunity that came up this week was the potential to become a professor at my Alma Mater. I guest lectured 2 classes this week at Ohio University and my advisor for my MS said that I could be a faculty member for their online education classes as soon as I finish my dissertation. The attactive thing about this is that it allows me to stay connected within academia (although in a non-traditional manner), it provides me with tons of freedom (because I can actually live whereever I want), and it would provide a steady stream of income to supplement whatever I’m getting from my business.

Kinda funny how things can just fall in to your lap sometimes.