Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been neglecting the blog (at least by my standards). The last 2 weeks have been very productive for me but I haven’t spent as much time here or blogging on ELITETRACK. I’ve made some great site updates (better article viewing, made the site SEO, improved tagging function, adding new affiliates) to ELITETRACK, wrote a Rhodes Scholar letter of recommendation for a friend, wrote an article for an Australian publication that’ll be e-published in a couple weeks, finished a section on my dissertation that had been taking me a long time, finished putting together all the info needed for production of my company’s Olympic trials clinic DVD series, finished my final edits on a monster shot put book I’m writing with Larry Judge, and started work on a new website experiment that should go ‘live’ within the next week. Tonight, I’m giving myself a little break to pat myself on the back for my unusual stretch of focus and catch up on updating my social profiles and blogs.