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Today’s Labor Day. The day most Americans consider to be the last day of summer. The last holiday before school gets started in earnest. The day when people take their farewell to warm weather, bbqs and bikinis. For most, tomorrow is a return to a job they hate. For me though, I get to do something I love. And while I had a GREAT weekend (got to go to a nice wedding, hiked to the peak of Seneca Rocks at Monongahela National Forest, and met up with my sister) I’ve kinda been on vacation for the last 3 months. Let me rephrase….While I’ve been working, I’ve been doing so on my time which makes working seem a lot less like working even if you end up doing more of it. What really put this in to perspective for me was when I heard my father-in-law say how much he was dreading going back to work (he’s a school teacher). With this in mind, it really reinforced how blessed I am to be doing what I want to do even if it is a risky financial decision. Find something you love, make sure you’re good at it, and pursue it with passion. If you do that, there’s no way you’ll regret it…I hope.