Well, so much for dropping the full time job to concentrate on my dissertation. My plate is officially too full once again. For goodness sake’s I can’t even follow my own advice. I haven’t written more than a paragraph on my dissertation in the last week (although I did finish the stats!) because I’ve been consumed with remastering HPC’s Baseball DVD series, writing a Rhodes Scholar letter of recommendation for an old friend of mine, trying to finish enough of a book I’m writing so I can send it to the editors, managing my 4 websites and 3 trillion social networking profiles (part of business marketing plan!), going to weddings (3 in the last month!), putting together the necessary information to give to Coaches Choice so they can finish the edits on HPC’s Olympic Trials Clinic DVDs, making out training plans for clients and HPC Elite Team members, preparing the shot put videos from Olympic Trials to be sent off for digitizing (THANK GOD I don’t digitize it myself anymore), and trying to be a good father and husband.