This morning I woke up at 10am (after going to bed at 3:40am), ate a light breakfast, spent the better part of the morning dancing with my daughter (we’re getting ready for a wedding next week), did about 2 hours of work on my dissertation, answered some emails, sent out some DVDs to customers, did a hill running circuit workout with my wife (using my daughter for resistance on calisthenics) and then ate a nice lunch. Now, since I’ve met my minimum daily requirement for dissertation work and have caught up on my HPC duties I’m taking a break to do some things I want to do (blog, update facebook, finish up some updates on my website, and read my favorite RSS feeds). Sounds like a nice day huh? This is what I like about my current working situation….I can work and play on MY time. I’m not stuck to the 9-5 (actually more like 9-7 at my last job) and I’m allowed to work to my strengths and minimize the negative affects of my weaknesses. That’s my workday. At least the start of it. Now don’t get me wrong. That’s not all I plan on doing today. In fact, in about an hour or so I’ll probably be back doing some real work and will likely be doing SOMETHING productive until about 3am. I’d guess that I’m probably putting in about as much or more time than I was when I was working at West Point in the day and running HPC in the evening. The difference is now I’m able to do it on my time.