It took forever to come up with an appropriate domain name for my blog. I kept thinking of things that would be kinda creative, relative to the content, and available. I actually knew I wanted to start the blog but didn’t even bother until I had a good domain name and made a template that I liked. Well, I’ve finally done both an although the template and layout still needs some tweaking I’m 95% done with it.

I ended up choosing the domain name because I thought it kinda represented what I was going to do and where I was going to focus the blog. A redirection is a change in course. Well, that’s kinda what I’ve done. I’ve made the decision to not only leave a steady, well-paying job but to move, and follow a different career path. Medirected was an appropriate title because now I felt I was the one in charge of the direction of my life (rather than working for an AD, a head coach, a superintendent, etc). My decision was a long time coming but I think it’s for the best. In future blogs I’ll go over some of the many factors that went in to my decision to medirect.

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