If you’ve been anything like me you’ve been taking in as much of the Olympic Games as possible. They only come around every 4 years and to me it’s the best programming on tv…even with all the cheesy tidbits between events. The track & field competition starts in just a couple days. I can’t wait. I’m a track nut. When I watch the games I can’t help but wanting to be there though. It’s a big dream of mine.? Doing it as an athlete is no longer an option (and never realistic even when I was at my best!). But this year I had 2 other avenues: as a consultant to theUSA Track & Field Field team and as a personal coach. A year ago it seemed as if I (and maybe some more of the HPC crew) might be able to go as a sport technologist and biomechanics consultant for the track team. That fizzled away though amid logistics and planning for Beijng. Then three of the athletes I train qualified for the Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR. They were all in the same event (triple jump) and 2 made the final so even though none of them were favorites on paper, odds alone said there was a chance of going as a personal coach. Two of the three placed much better than expected but unfortunately, none of them made the team. So I’m stuck as an outsider looking in. Maybe next time.

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