Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I switched hosting companies. I wanted to transfer all of my domains to the new host 2 nights ago but as fate would have it, a storm took out the internet. Aah, the joys of living in the country (more on that later…). In any case, I spent most of yesterday moving all my sites over to the new server. It took quite a while since 2 of the 5 sites are pretty huge and I had some problems with the databases. ELITETRACK has about 7 years of articles, blog postings, and forum discussion and HPCsport has an almost 700 video training inventory library for clients. Well, it took a while but everything is now up and running…kinda. On the two main sites, which are based on the Expression Engine CMS platform, I have something wrong with the paths or something because only the main page of both sites is displaying. I’ve been working on figuring out what the problem is this morning but haven’t had any luck so far. My other 3 sites (medirected, lamontdagen, and the soon to be public athleticlab) are powered by wordpress and seem to be working just fine. The crappy part of the move was that yesterday was the quarterly application day for acceptance in to the 9rules blogging community. This is essentially a club of the best blogging sites on the web and it’s pretty exclusive. I was really hoping to get ELITETRACK accepted but unfortunately, the site was down for most of the day. Getting the site on there would help to broaden the audience of the site and increase overall exposure. Also, it would give a little bit of recognition to the great bloggers / writers we have on the site.  Ultimately, both of these are good for HPC because one of the primary reasons I try to stay active with the site (in addition to it being my baby) is that it’s been one of the primary means people hear about my consulting business and private coaching business and a decent percentage of my clients are actually from the site. With that said, I have some big plans and big goals for ELITETRACK. Stay tuned.