Ok. My host went down again for ‘maintenance.’ The webhost that holds the 5 sites I’ve got going right now. The webhost that basically holds my sole stream of income right now. I wouldn’t care so much but it’s been a monthly weekly occurrence over the past 18 months. In fact, I had an outage of over 5 weeks last winter that took both ELITETRACK.com and HPCsport.com out of commission. I need to switch hosts, especially since my sites are now my primary source of marketing, income, and contact with clients. I’ve been hesitant to do it though because I’ve bought and paid for a lifetime package with my current host that allows me to host my sites as long as I want and never pay another dime. I only paid about $200 for it and I’ve used it for about 3 and a half years to host anywhere between 1 and 6 websites. Now though, I have to be a little more concerned about site outages than before since I can’t afford to miss a sale because my site was down.

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