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If you sit at a desk or spend as much time on planes as I do you’ve probably got chronic back issues. I do. Nothing bad. Certainly not debilitating by any means but enough where daily maintenance is necessary. I stretch, exercise, and perform special exercises just to keep myself ‘tuned up.’

Part of that is because I’m pretty sensitive to misalignments and hypertonicity. Because of this, I find myself adjusting myself by performing a variety of self-manual cervical, thoracic and lumbar adjustments throughout the day. I’m sure I’ve actually found quite a few adjustment techniques that aren’t even in a chiropractor‘s toolbox. Well, imagine my mindset when I read an article yesterday that said that cervical adjustments (self or by a chiropractor) might cause strokes. I’d heard this before but really only in the form of a pamphlet in a chiropractor’s office stating that it was essentially an urban legend. Now I find myself thinking twice before getting out that crick.