Well, I have to be honest. For the last couple days I’ve little to nothing on my dissertation. Despite the fact that it SHOULD be my primary focus right now, my OCD/ ADD has gotten the best of me. I’ve been spending too much time blogging about the Olympics on ELITETRACK, setting up streams of passive income, making adjustments and new feature additions to my 3 websites, taking care of the athletes I work with, and watching the Olympics. I had set the goals of writing a minimum of 1 paragraph of dissertation writing a day but that hasn’t happened over the last couple days. That seemingly small goal (which if done adds up quickly and makes the writing much more manageable). Also, I’ve got stuck on the stats section. I hate statistics. Kinda odd for a person that almost got his doctoral degree minor in the subject, but I hate it. I tend to over think and over-analyze my statistical methods and it just slows me down. Sometimes, I just need to “DO IT” without caring of whether it’s perfect or not.