Well, its been over a month since I quit my job at West Point. For the first 4 weeks, I was mostly on the road and more busy than at any other time of the year. First I was in Columbus, OH at the USATF Jr. National Champs where my company was running the High Performance Center for the emerging junior athletes there. Then I had 2-3 days off before heading out to Eugene, OR for 2 weeks for the Olympic Trials. I had 3 athletes competing out there and HPC was running the High Performance Center there too. After Olympic Trials, I had another couple days off and then headed off to Houston, TX to teach the biomechanics section of the Level 1 & 2 curriculum and the sprints section of the Level 2 section of USATF’s coaches education program.? Since then I’ve come back to OH where I’ve made a temporary move. I’ve been busy catching up with life, redoing and making a couple websites, handling enough coaching and consulting work to keep food on the table and most importantly, working on my dissertation. So far, things have been good.

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